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Hunter Street Mall Newcastle.

Mobile Studio, Production Vehicle, Photography & Video equipment Hire-Rentals, Mobile Product Photography Van.

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Professionally equipped Mobile photography studio, Production Vehicle and Equipment Hire. Film maker, movie companies, production crews Photographers etc.. Can hire our Mobile Studio. Mobile Training Vehicle, Equipment Hire, Professional Assistance Photographer, Videographer Makeup Artists etc.. for Film sets, Movie TV productions, Private Events and more. We are currently located in the heart of Hunter St Mall Newcastle NSW Australia.

Our Services

- Mobile Photography Studio, equipped for Photographers & Videographers.
- Production Vehicle for TV, film and movie crews.
- Equipment Hire, both Photography and Video.
- Mobile Product Photography.
- Makeup & Wardrobe vehicle.
- Catering vehicle.
- Product Table etc...
* Wide range of Cameras, Lighting equipment, Smoke, Snow and wind machines.

Selling the house - Camden River - Australian Road Trip - Overland Adventure Ep 13.

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Knekt Dome for GoPro half underwater for Hire
The KNEKT semi-hemispherical 6” dome port is one of the most advanced accessories available for the GoPro. Moving the waterline away from the lens makes it possible to capture images both above and below the water simultaneously.

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