Boya By-WM5 Wireless Lavalier for Hire

Boya By-WM5 Wireless Lavalier for Hire - Audio and Sound Equipment for Hire

Day Rental $35 AUD
Weekend Rental $60 AUD
Weekly Rental $160 AUD

The BOYA BY-WM5 wireless microphone is compact, high performance, lightweight, and compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorder etc. It features experience
more freedom of movement while recording, excellent sound quality, great portability, easy setup, two way communication system, and approximate 50m (164 ft.) operation

It consists of a transmitter, receiver, two piece of earphone (one is with speaker), an audio signal cable, a lavalier/lapel microphone.
RF Modulation: GFSK (Gauss Frequency Shift Keying)
Frequency band: 2.2GHz (2405-2478MHz)
Frequency response: 35Hz-14KHz±3dB
Signal/Noise: 76dB or more
Distortion: 0.2% or less (32?, 1 KHz, 65 mW output)
FR output level: 5 mW
Earphone output level: 32?, 65mW
Reception sensitivity: -85dB+/- 3dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1KHz
Audio input connector: 3.2mm mini jack
Operation range: 50m (164 ft.)
Power requirements: 3.2V DC (Two LR03/AAA size batteries)
Consumption power: Transmitter: 3.2V/110 mA
Receiver: 3.2V/100 mA
Battery life: Transmitter: Approx. 3.2 hours
Receiver: 4 hours
Dimensions: Transmitter: 60x86x28mm
Receiver: 60x86x41mm
Weight: Transmitter: 136g (Without battery)
Receiver: 152g (Without battery)
Package Includes
1 * Transmitter
1 * Receiver
2 * Earphone (one is with speaker)
1 * Audio signal cable
1 * Lavalier/lapel microphone
1 * User Manual

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